Kolkata Is The Best

Today I went to Kolkata
feels useless all the rest,
beauty of the world fails here
Kolkata is the best.

We saw the Howrah Bridge
it was very big an huge,
Howrah station is the largest
both had a lot of use.

Next was Victoria Memorial
it was too pretty an white,
looking like a new white shirt
which is extreme bright .

We went to the Museum
full of old things were there ,
I saw the mummy of 'Farao'
then I got scared.

Science City was nothing less
it's magic or science, I confused,
the wonders of science I saw
the inventions were very huge.

I stepped to the Maidan
world largest ground is it,
the soil of our nation
then I quickly sit.

Sahid Minar was the next
it was very pretty an tall,
no other Minar is beautiful as it
it is pretest of all.

Nicho Park had full of fun
how interesting was that,
Nature Park was also good
it's like nature's hat.

I can't saw other things
because time has been passed,
next time again to Kolkata
it's the best and vast.

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